AUGI HotNews July 2009


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AUGI turns 20 and we'll be celebrating all year. You can help by sharing your AUGI-related stories with us. Funny, thoughtful, or inspiring - share your AUGI recollections.

President’s Letter: Onward!

It has been an interesting seven months. Here, AUGI President Mark Kiker recaps the year (so far) and talks about what's still to come in 2009.

Efficient Edits

When you're dealing with paper-based markups, a little order helps a lot. Here, Billy Wooten provides a technique for adding efficiency to the editing process.


TIPniques: Sheet Set Manager for Drawing Mgmt.

New HotNews author Shannon Dumdum discusses the use of the Sheet Set Manager within AutoCAD to manage drawings and files. Here's the "how to."

The Civil Side: It’s Time to Adopt

What? Go to the time and expense of adopting new technology in the middle of a recession? It's actually the perfect time, says Melanie Santer, and here's why.

Sponsor Spotlight : Under the Hood of the Z800

In this article, you'll get a close look at HP's Z800 workstation, from its physical attributes to its processing power.

The Creative Inventor: Question Everything

Dennis Jeffrey invites you to start from scratch and re-evaluate everything in your engineering environment. Here are his guidelines.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010: Key Features, Part 3

Tharakesh Ananthakrishnan walks you through the wall tools and new techniques in AutoCAD Architecture 2010 software.

From CAD Standard to Quality Assurance Document

You've done your part by creating a CAD Standard. Now, how do you ensure that your staff follows it? Mark Kiker shows you how to use your standard as a guideline for creating a quality assurance checklist.