Editorial Calendar

In addition to the plethora of technical advice readers find in every issue of AUGIWORLD, the cover story focuses on a major topic of interest to AUGI members worldwide. Here is a sneak peek at the upcoming cover stories that will be found in AUGIWORLD.



Issue Focus: Trending Technologies

People are adopting new technologies each and every week. We start out the year fresh with a number of beginner type articles covering installation, configuration and implementation. Added to that are articles that take your environment even higher.
Materials Due: Dec 1 – Expected Release: Print: Jan 1 Digital: Jan 7


Issue Focus: Standards

CAD and BIM work needs to be created with standards. Not having those standards is like functioning without a limb that you have come to rely on. A good standard creates a strong foundation for quality documentation that can be created by anyone with access to the standard and good working knowledge of the software. A good standard, that is properly implemented, enables work to be done efficiently and accurately.
Materials Due: Jan 1 – Expected Release: Print: Feb 1 Digital: Feb 7


Issue Focus: Tips & Tricks

Product tips, tricks, and techniques are the flat-out favorite topic among readers. The AUGIWORLD staff offers helpful hints for a variety of software and collaboration products. Providing the technical edge are select AUGI members and other industry experts weighing in on proven shortcuts and time-savers. This issue offers must-read content for all users as it provides an array of solutions and quick fixes for novices and pros alike.
Materials Due: Feb 1 – Expected Release: Print: Mar 1 Digital: Mar 7


Issue Focus: Collaboration

AUGIWORLD authors tackle the complicated world of interoperability and making products work together. We will cover the sharing of DWG files with non-Autodesk products, all the way to bringing Revit models into Navisworks alongside of 3ds Max models. Collaboration cannot be overlooked.
Sales Close: March 1 – Materials Due: March 1 – Expected Release: Print: Apr 1 Digital: April 7


Issue Focus: What's New?

AUGIWORLD dissects the latest releases from some of the best software on the market, such as AutoCAD and BricsCAD, giving readers an early insight into the new versions coming out soon. Our writers investigate major new features thoroughly, leaving readers with a clear idea of what to expect from the newest version of their software.
Materials Due: April 1 – Expected Release: Print: May 1 Digital: May 7


Issue Focus: Implementation

Templates, deployments, standards, and more, are all forms of implementation. It’s important to note that creating an implementation plan prior to implementing will save you hours of rework and/or fixing what was pushed out if you had not manufactured a plan and put it in place.
Materials Due: May 1 – Expected Release: Print: June 1 Digital: June 7


Issue Focus: 3rd-Party Applications

AUGIWORLD investigates solutions available from third-party developers. Industry experts address important questions such as when to customize AutoCAD and other products, and when (and how) to evaluate/purchase a third-party application.
Materials Due: June 1 – Expected Release: Print: July 1 Digital: July 7


Issue Focus: Management

AUGIWORLD presents the annual Management issue offering advice, understanding, and solutions for today’s Manager. Readers will learn best practices from management experts on topics ranging from new release migration, boosting productivity, employee retention, training, and numerous other issues relevant to managers in all disciplines and all products.
Materials Due: July 1 – Expected Release: Print: Aug 1 Digital: Aug 7


Issue Focus: Salary Survey

AUGI polls members worldwide and offers analyses of the salary information they provide. Breakdowns of major industry job titles by geographic region allow readers to compare their salaries to others in their industry. Additional analysis reveal benefits and perks received by respondents, years of experience, education, and more. The annual Salary Survey is one of the most talked-about and popular issues of the year.
Materials Due: Aug 1 – Expected Release: Print: Sep 1 Digital: Sep 7


Issue Focus: Customization

AUGIWORLD dishes out the latest behind-the-scenes enhancements and customization techniques. How to take a great product and make it that much better by creating your own customization using the API. From Novice to Advanced user – all will learn something from these articles.
Materials Due: Sep 1 – Expected Release: Print: Oct 1 Digital: Oct 7


Issue Focus: Education and Training

This issue dives into education and training. In addition to expert advice on developing a continuing education plan and adapting the plan to fit the needs of employees, readers will get updates on the latest educational events and opportunities available to them as AUGI members.
Materials Due: Oct 1 – Expected Release: Print: Nov 1 Digital: Nov 7


Issue Focus: Industry Insights

It’s important to stay on top of industry trends to evaluate for progress that could assist us in our project workflows. But we also need to look at what we can do personally to improve ourselves and create our own trends. Learn what is hot and what is not so hot from those who work in the industry.
Materials Due: Nov 1 – Expected Release: Print: Dec 1 Digital: Dec 7