Our History

2002: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

I didn't think it possible for customers of a software company to be so passionately involved with the software products they use every day, but such is the case with AUGI members. Though AUGI has endured tough times and major transitions, amazing changes at Autodesk, and nine releases of Autodesk's flagship product AutoCAD, the organization has continued every year to provide Autodesk with valuable feedback to improve its products and it has continued to offer product users educational resources and enhancements, opportunities for networking, and a strong direct voice to Autodesk.

On a final note, I invite you to jump into the whirlwind of user networking by joining AUGI and getting involved. There's so much to learn about what you've got on your desk already and it all stands to either make you more money or make your work easier. I've said it a thousand times... a user group is not a television: we only get out of this organization what we put into it. Therefore, I encourage you to consider taking a leadership role in AUGI or to find some way to participate in it. We need dedicated officers and volunteers to maintain this organization as the technologies take new and dramatic turns.

AUGI. it's all about ... you!

- dave

The following members were elected to the Board of Directors for 2003:

President: John Clauson / Indak Mfg. Corp.
Vice-President: Marv Muston / Marv Muston Consulting, Inc.
Vice-President: Yoshi Honda / Pacific CADD Services, Inc.
Secretary: David Kingsley / CAD TV Corp.
Board Member: Mike DeGraw / The Freeman Companies
Board Member: Beth Garrison / CAD Fuel Design
Board Member: Peter Jamtgaard / Cordeck Sales, Inc.
Board Member: Chris Lindner / OneButton Cad Solutions
Board Member: John Moran / The Boeing Company
Board Member: Elise Moss / Moss Designs
And serving by appointment:
Treasurer: Donnia Tabor Hanson / MossCreek Designs