Your Wishes. Granted.


Make wishes, promote your favorites, and influence changes to the Autodesk products you use every day.

Have ideas to make AutoCAD even better? You’ve come to the right place. The AUGI Wish List System gives our members a direct link to, and influence with, AutoCAD product development at Autodesk. Our WLS gives Autodesk on-demand access to the AUGI Wish List database to help inform them about which enhancements and ideas are the most valuable to our community.

Autodesk gets direct customer input. We get the product features we need. Everyone wins.

Wish List Products
When the organization first began it was collating wish lists on AutoCAD only. Then over time as Autodesk grew its product offerings AUGI added more programs to its wish list system. However, over the last few years Autodesk has developed its own mechanism for wish collection and in the interest of getting Autodesk the suggestions from the AUGI membership the quickest way possible, we are now referring members to their idea boards directly. Learn how to contribute to their boards here.

If you do have a wish idea for AutoCAD, the AUGI Wish List System is still the best location to get that idea to your fellow members and Autodesk.

Here's How It Works

The power of the Wish List comes from your ideas and the support of members. Each year, AUGI shares the top 10 wishes for AutoCAD with the Autodesk product development teams. As members, you determine which wishes make the top 10, so when you submit your wishes, be clear, descriptive, and persuasive!

AUGI currently hosts a wish list for AutoCAD.



Rank wishes to indicate whether you really need it in the software, don't care for it, or anywhere in between. The 30 wishes with the highest rankings are eligible for the vote.



Vote on the 30 top-ranked wishes to help determine the top 10 for each product. The highest voted wishes for each product are promoted to the buy a wish phase.



"Buy" wishes to influence the priority of the top 10 wishes for each product. Each member has $500 in Wish Cash. Use it all on one wish, or distribute it among many. It's up to you.


To submit your ideas, join now or log in using your existing AUGI membership account.