Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Forum User Name?

Go to the Forum Usernames page and follow the instructions.

How do I post a new question?

Select the appropriate forum, click the "New Thread" button, and type your question in the text window.

Why does my name at the top of the page change when I visit the forums?

AUGI uses two different software to maintain its website. The main one is a CMS or Content Management System. It allows authors to only be concerned with writing content and not worry about html. The other software is the forum software that we have always used. Our old site used a custom CMS that did not support "users" and so it did not have to log in to see the main website, only if they wanted to use the forums. Now, you are directed to the home page of the CMS to log in. When you do, it is syncronized with the forum software so that you are automatically logged in there too. Each software has its own page for maintaining user profile info and is not syncronized. You need to update both. WWhen you are visiting CMS pages, the name displayed at the top of the page is the CMS user name and the profile link says "My Account". When you are visiting forum pages, the name displayed at the top of the page is the forum user name and the profile link says "My Profile".  The url domain name also changes to

Why am I "The Silent Type"?

We use the term "The Silent Type" to identify Forum visitors who have not made at least one post. If you are not sure you are ready to make a "real" post, try the New Forum Users (Non technical) forum. But be aware that since the New Users forum was created only for users to learn how to enter a post -- please do not post a technical question in this forum, which you require an answer to.

Why don't I appear in the Members List?

You will appear in the Members List as soon as you make your first post -- to any forum, including the New Forum Users (Non technical) forum.

In the forums, why is my "last visit" shown as "Dec 31st, 1969 at 11:00 PM"?

The above date is used when it is your first visit to the forums. Once you have entered the forums, then "Logged Out" - the next time you enter the "last visit" information associated with your forum "User Name" will be correct.

How do I maintain a list of threads or topics I am interested in?

You can subscribe to any Threads or "queries" you wish to follow by choosing the "Thread Tools" link and adding a subscription to the currently active thread. Need more help? Click either of the following links to watch a short video on how to subscribe to informative threads. [ BroadBand High speed | Dialup - Low speed ]. Note: This subscription serves two purposes. It allows you to receive an email notification when someone adds a new reply to that topic and it will add it to your subscribed thread list which can come in handy when you want to revisit the topic.

Why does my forum post count not increase?

Posts made within the following forum categories do not count towards a User's forum post count:


Off Topic


What are the different forum "User Titles"?

Forum "User Titles" appear under your forum "User Name" and change automatically as you reach certain post count milestones. Listed below are the different "User Titles" and their associated post count:

  • The Silent Type (0)
  • Woo! Hoo! my 1st post (1)
  • Member (2)
  • Active Member (50)
  • 100 Club (100)
  • I could stop if I wanted to (200)
  • All AUGI, all the time (500)
  • AUGI Addict (1000)
  • Certifiable AUGI Addict (2500)
  • Certified AUGI Addict (5000)
  • Needs to get out more (10000)

What are the different levels of forum "Reputation"?

Listed below are the titles associated with each ranking (replace "User" with your own forum "User Name")...

  • User is a supernova (-)
  • User appears to be imploding
  • User has taken a wrong turn
  • User is starting their journey (0)
  • User appears to be going the right way
  • User is going the right way
  • User has a bright future
  • User is glowing brightly
  • User is a beam of light
  • User is reaching for the moon
  • User has landed on the moon
  • User is shooting for the stars
  • User has reached the stars
  • User is a shining star
  • User has become a constellation
  • User is celestial (+)
  • User has disabled reputation. [Opt out of displaying your forum reputation]