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Large Format Multi Function Printers

Having a T2300 here, it's pretty good for low / moderate volume, and with glossy photo paper banners and posters can really 'pop'. Paper handling on the other hand.... finished plots dump out curled up in the cloth catcher. If you've got a set to plot out, plan on babysitting the dang thing. ...

Posted: by cadtag

Macro to edit text

So you want to pick any TEXT object and replace the entire string with a new string of your own? Maybe something like this? Code: --------- (defun c:tr ( / mynewstr sset ent lst newlst i) (setq mynewstr "REPLACED") (setq sset (ssget '((0 . "TEXT"))) i 0)

Posted: by rkmcswain

Lisp routines don't work

---Quote (Originally by Varlth)--- I use the "-linetype" command in the lisp to change it to the linetype I want while still keeping it on the right layer. ---End Quote--- I gotcha now. I was not aware that the "SET" option of the LINETYPE command (and the LType Option of the Layer command)...

Posted: by rkmcswain

AutoLISP routine for popout menu OR list of sizes 3/4" to 36"

I think what I want is a flyout menu when picked a "FLYOUT" list of incremented pipe sizes or conduit sizes represented by text could be selected as text and placed multiple times in the drawing. It is a minor step saved but important in it's use. thanks.

Posted: by gugg

Fillet perpendicular lines

Looking for a lisp that will add a fillet to two perpendicular lines. When we draw 2d plumbing sanitary lines we like to show the wye fitting where a line comes into another line. It would be great if we could just draw the lines all connecting perpendicular to each other then come back and pick...

Posted: by raudelh

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Accumulated like properties

Add to the properties palette: Accumulated Area & Accumulated Length when the objects selected are of the same type. I.E.: When I select multiple lines segments, instead of telling the user that the lines lengths vary, add them up for the user. (Same with…


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