AUGIWORLD Submissions

Does reading our magazine motivate you to write something? We hope so!

AUGI is all about members getting involved—the more our members are motivated to participate, the stronger AUGI grows.  Writing for AUGI publications about the Autodesk software you use every day provides benefits for everyone involved. Our readers benefit, obviously, from the knowledge and best practices shared by fellow members like you. As a writer, you’ll benefit by having your work published on a global scale and you’ll receive the satisfaction that comes from helping your peers.

So, what does it take to get involved? Desire! You pitch your idea and we'll help get it in the magazine.

What software can you write about? Any Autodesk software as long as the subject fits within the broader context of the Autodesk software users or other hardware technologies.

We welcome input from readers! Don't be afraid to pitch an idea or offer suggestions for future articles. We also invite your comments about current articles. Simply email the Editor-in-Chief and he will send your comments to the appropriate party.

Submission Process

Step Up > Discuss > Write > Submit

  • You first contact us to write. This is often the hardest part! For some reason users think they aren't good enough. Trust us, you can do it! The Editor-in-Chief will either directly discuss with you about your topic, or pass you to the appropriate Content Manager.
  • The EiC or Content Manager will discuss with you and compare editorial needs with your area of interest. This is usually brief and can be conducted by email as needed. Once complete you will have a specific editorial target, what product, topic, approach, and length. You will also be given when the content is required.
  • Starting with the AUGIWorld article template, you have at it and write your article. During the period between missioning to write and submission you will be contacted and reminded about the upcoming deadline. If for some reason you cannot finish, please let us know sooner than later so we can find replacements.
  • Once you are done, and before the deadline hopefully, you will email your Content Manager (or EiC) the MS Word "DOC" file. We will also need all images/figures as individual files. You can put them in the article if you wish, but they need to be provided as well. Refer to the template for figure callout standards.

In most cases you will not need further editorial efforts. If we do find something amiss, in content or figures, we will get back to you during production layout.

Publishing Schedule

The production schedule is always tight, so sending your work early is wise (and wonderful!). Check out the Editorial Calendar page for final deadlines. It is good practice to submit your finished article a week prior to the posted deadline so we get extra copyedit and production time. Once editorial enters the 3 week production phase, content for that issue is considered “closed” and no more submissions should be accepted.

Author Data & Document requirements

  • Biography - 100-300 words
  • Author Picture - high resolution color "Head Shot" jpg, tif, png (need high resolution for publisher to resize)
  • Article Length - 1500-3500 words. This is a range, rather than a hard-and-fast rule; the topic will define what is necessary.
  • Article Images - Yes! Every article can benefit from images or even links to short video explanations (see Rich Content below).
  • Document text format - Word Doc or Docx format. No special styles or formatting are required. All formatting is done by production.
  • Document image format - jpg, tif, png. Capture at full resolution, full size using 1280x1024 minimum resolution, which means don’t reduce the image size after capture. Production will deal with that.
  • Figure References (images) - Each figure needs to be called out in the text to help the reader know which one to reference. Images should also have captions. See the template for how to do it.
  • Image files should ideally not be included in the document. Instead provide a reference inline that indicates where the publisher should insert the image file. You can review the template file to see how this works. Disregard the text formatting shown in the sample. Just make sure your paragraph headings are obvious. The publisher will resolve the final formatting.

Rich Content

Rich content—meaning video or downloadable data—is highly desirable, but not required. Still, consider how rich content will enhance the reader experience! For example, if your article contains a concept that is difficult to describe textually, consider using a short video to illustrate your point.  It will be appreciated and make your article that much better. Other ways you can add value to your articles is to provide a downloadable file. For example, if you are describing a file or Revit family, consider making the family available for the reader to download. All you need to do is provide the content and we'll coordinate making it available via the magazine.

Press Releases

AUGI publications want to receive company news and information about new and enhanced software and hardware products of interest to AUGI members. Press releases and product briefs should be submitted via email to Marilyn Law, the Copy Editor.

New Product Announcements

New products and major new releases available from the Autodesk developer community can also be published. Email Brian Andresen, the Inside Track Content Editor about announcing new products in AUGIWorld.