Standing Committees

AUGI like most organizations has a number of standing committees. These committees deal with organizational issues, generally forming and addressing their specific areas once a year.


The Bylaws committee is chaired by Bob Bell. Typically around mid year the committee will meet and determine and develop changes to bring to the Board for approval, item by item. Annually the Bylaws will be reviewed by the Board members and determine if any areas need revision.


The Elections committee must be chaired by a Director who is not up for election in that year. Members of the committee typical contain one or two more Directors plus a few regular members. The committee will put out a call for nominations and fully verify all nominations. Then the committee presents to the Board a recommended set of candidates to be included on the election ballot.


The Membership committee generally focuses on changes to membership benefits, conditions, and requirements. Each year the committee evaluates all membership benefits to determine if use and value is high enough to warrant further investment.