About AUGI

What is AUGI?

AUGI is the world's largest CAD & BIM User Group. Originally started in 1990 as the North American AutoCAD User Group, then quickly renamed to the North American Autodesk User Group, and later in 1996 renamed as Autodesk User Group International, and then in 2019, formally reincorporated as just "AUGI". AUGI has but two prime directives. The first is to assist its members by presenting programs and information that will enhance their use of digital design software. The second is to combine the united voice of the user community to software developers, thus assisting in product development and giving users input into the process.

What does AUGI do?

AUGI provides an environment for users to help users. We offer benefits and publications that allow the global user community access to one another. Our motto is Users Helping Users. We work very hard to promote our membership as a community working together to strengthen each other and the community in general.

What is AUGI’s relationship with Autodesk?

AUGI is an independent organization that has a long history with Autodesk, but is not part of it.

How does AUGI do it?

The short answer is with the dedication of volunteers and continued sponsorship investments from corporate supporters.