Surveys & Polls

There is no greater source of knowledge about Autodesk products than end users themselves. The opinions of Autodesk product users, therefore, are highly valued by Autodesk and by AUGI’s governing board. User opinions help Autodesk create better products and help AUGI create new programs to further assist its members.

Periodically, member surveys will be posted here and also in the AUGI HotNews monthly newsletter. You are encouraged to take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to offer your valuable insights. It’s easy for you. For Autodesk and AUGI, it’s priceless information that helps shape their future direction.

Click on the link in the sash on the left side of this page to take the current survey, view the survey archive, or give us suggestions for the content of future surveys. Let your voice be heard and everybody wins!

We are our greatest resource when it comes to finding out about the state of our respective industries. We do that every year by asking our members to participate in an anonymous survey of their salaries, raises and perceptions of job security.

Click on the link in the sash on the left side of this page to view the Salary Survey archive, or give me suggestions, after you've read the FAQ document in the archive.