Our challenge is to create an independent channel for educating Autodesk product users about the wide range of third-party applications available to help them maximize functionality and productivity with their CAD systems. We have succeeded in doing just that.

AUGI publications have won reader respect and admiration as dedicated, dependable and independent publications. AUGIWORLD tracks Autodesk activity, but goes far beyond that of a mere Autodesk product user magazine by increasing knowledge and awareness regarding a wide range of third-party applications. AUGIWORLD is riding the cutting edge of Revit and other BIM technologies. HotNews delivers a monthly newsletter via direct email and discusses all aspects of Autodesk software.

Our readers have the Autodesk applications; the next step for them is to leverage the power of those products by utilizing third-party applications. Companies represented by our publication subscribers include Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, 3M, ADT Security, Carter & Burgess, Jacobs Engineering Group, AT&T, and many more.

Simply put, developers of Autodesk-complementary offerings who want to be introduced to thousands of customers already using Autodesk products will find AUGI publications the perfect vehicle to widen exposure and increase sales.

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