Reasoning with Management

Reasoning with Management and Overcoming Objections

Here are some reasons you may let management know about your desire to go

Reason #1: Possible discounts that you may qualify for...

  • $500.00 USD Discount for registering during Early bird period
  • Discounts from your reseller (ask them about it)
  • Discounts for educational staff in schools
  • Discounts for sending more than 8 persons from the same company

Find out more at Autodesk University Special Offers

And one that you definitely qualify for - if you hurry...

Discounts for early registration!!!

Reason #2: Tips and Tricks

You and your firm will gain from your attendance. Just one tip or trick that you pick up can save your firm countless hours. The topics discussed will extend your understanding of each software title you use. The connections you make and friends you reconnect with will bolster your value in the industry and to your firm.

So how many tips can you pick up? How many tricks can you still learn? What is the count of new methods that will advance your firm to the next level? Here are some calcs...

There are over 700 classes with more than 1000 hours of instruction. Let’s say there is one tip or trick every 5 minutes in each class. That is almost 20,000 tips that will be learned. Not to mention that valuable exchange of answers between you and vendors, your peers and directly with Autodesk.

Reason #3: What you will miss by not attending

  • Training beyond your expectations
  • Networking with the right people
  • Making connections to the best in the industry
  • AUGI Annual Meeting
  • Free giveaways

Overcoming Management Objections

Here are some objections they may raise and how you could respond

Objection #1: “I do not believe the company will get anything (or enough) out of you attending this event”

  • Every year people get more and more out of the event, because there is more and more added each year.
  • There are over 700 instructors and even more classes than ever
  • Keynotes: Industry leaders and Autodesk executives offer their insight and vision
  • Design Leadership Program: New! Best practices, market forces-and you
  • PowerTracks: In-depth training in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3D, Autodesk Inventor, Building Design, Civil Engineering, Revit, and Industrial Design software
  • Classes & Labs: Hundreds of technical training opportunities and hands-on labs
  • AU Unplugged: Peer-to-peer learning at its best
  • Certification: On-site product certification at a great rate

Objection #2: “What can those people tell you that you do not already know”

  • No one knows everything. If I asked you to list your open questions on paper, I bet the list would be long. The answers to your questions are at this event
  • AU Unplugged is Peer-to-peer learning at its best. Each session allows you to share and collect best practices from real world users

Objection #3: “We cannot spare the time for you to attend”

  • The time you spend at AU will save you tons of time later on
  • If you have a project deadline, then you can still stay connected. There is internet access at the event
  • Everyone can carve out time if the “need to” - you NEED TO

Objection #4: “We cannot justify the overall cost of you attending”

  • You cannot afford to not go
  • The price, when broken down by individual classes, is insanely cheap
  • One power track alone has 12 classes. If you divide that number into the cost of the event you get each class for about $160 (US). Taught by the best in the business. Where else can you find that kind of power line-up at that price?

Objection #5: “Sorry, the company will not be sending you”

  • Keep asking... Don’t give up
  • Tell them that:
    1. Any investment they make in your training will pay off tenfold
    2. You will train others when you return
    3. You will distribute handouts from the event
    4. You will be twice as productive when you return
    5. Training is a proven productivity enhancement
    6. The transitions in your design tools are demanding more knowledge
  • Find out from an AUGI Champion: Carl Bass A Message from Carl Bass, Autodesk President
  • Listen to Lynn Allen’s advice at Get Ready for AU
  • Over 100 exhibitors will grace the Exhibit Hall. This is your chance to ask them the hard questions. You will find software and hardware tools that will help your business be more productive
  • Last Resort: Take vacation and come anyway