Local User Group Frequently Asked Questions

AUGI has created an expanded website area for User Groups. This allows Local User Groups to place information on our site so others can find it and connect up.

What is a Local User Group?

Local User Groups (LUGs) are groups of Autodesk product users that have face to face gatherings that usually focus on one industry or product suite. They meet to discuss and exchange ideas, provide input to their members, share tips and offer advice to new users and experienced pros. AUGI has always been connected to Local User Groups. These groups, which are self-governed, have aligned with AUGI over the years to encourage people to join their group and to extend an invitation to become an AUGI member. This association has thrived for many years.

How do I find a LUG in my area?

We offer search features for our extensive list of User Groups. Now you can find one in your area with ease. By using the search feature you can limit the listings to your state or area, then thin it down by product focus or industry. This quick and easy filtering is interactive as it pares down the list on the fly. It has never been easier to find a group in your area.

What information can I get from AUGI about a Local User group?

Standard information that is provided about each LUG includes the following: LUG Name LUG Nickname/Acronym Group Type: Official or Affiliate Area Served Meeting Day Meeting Frequency: (Ex. 3rd Tue. Every other Month) Meeting Time Meeting Location Address Product Focus Industry Focus Contact Information: (name, company, phone) Alternate Contact LUG Website: (verified external URL) Total Membership count Group Profile – paragraph of text explaining what the group is all about All of this is designed for our members to find like minded individuals in their area so they can connect face to face.

What does AUGI offer Local User Groups and Leaders?

AUGI has always been dedicated to assisting LUGs in starting and maintaining as active and thriving groups. One of the best benefits over the years has been our User Group Handbook that is full of information about organizing, starting and maintaining a lively LUG. We now have expanded web offerings that allow LUG leaders to promote and provide information on meeting locations, events and focus. We offer self serve and standard information pages for the leaders. We have location services and data storage for the groups. We offer AUGI members the opportunity to associate with a specific group.

What kind of LUG’s are there?

There are many different kinds of Local User Groups. AUGI does not define the type that leaders create, but we do have two broad categories that we use to define how they interact with AUGI.

Affiliated LUG

Affiliated LUGs are those groups that have chosen to mimic AUGI in structure, purpose and function.  They embrace the “Member First” mode of providing what their members need. They embrace the “self governed” mode of leadership in that fellow members manage them. Resellers are encouraged to participate at every level but the leaders of the group come from the group's membership. They are consistent in promoting AUGI to there membership. Becoming an Affiliated AUGI LUG is an option for groups that want to be listed with AUGI, but it is not required.

Non-Affiliated LUG

A non-affiliated group may be self governed or run in any manner they choose. Their focus may include promoting AUGI or not. We only welcome groups that promote Autodesk products to be listed on our site. Which one is right for my group? While AUGI provides benefits to both groups, such as a LUG Listing and the User Group Handbook, Non-Affiliate groups can be listed in our database and but only update their information twice a year.

Affiliate AUGI LUG get more benefits and become self sufficient in the posting and modification of their information.

Are there any fees or requirements associated with becoming Affiliated?

There are no direct fees for becoming an Affiliate LUG, however there is a requirement that at least one of your members/leaders maintain a paid membership. We have tied LUG Affiliation to membership to aid in the verification process and instill greater ownership of the information shown on AUGI.com. At least one person in your group (or more) gets the full advantage of membership in AUGI and will have access to all AUGI information so that it can be shared with their LUG members. Paid membership can be at the Premier or Professional level.

There is also a requirement to live by the spirit of the AUGI trademark. AUGI is a trademark and is protected by law.  We ask that groups promote AUGI, protect the name and encourage their members to join the organization.

How does my group get listed?

LUG’s can be listed by submitting basic information. Once submitted, the data is reviewed and posted automatically once approval has been granted. Approval is not strenuous, just a quick validation of the data before it goes live by an AUGI Admin. At the time of submission, you can choose to become Affiliated. If you choose this option, one person in your group needs to be designated as the Content Manager. This person needs to be a paid member to access this level of interaction on our website. Other leaders can be added as editors of the content also, but the main person will be our contact point for all website issues.

How do I edit my LUG’s info after it is approved?

There are two ways of getting your information edited. For Affiliated LUGs the Content Editor or Leader can go to the AUGI site and edit the content as needed. For all others, the leaders of the group can email the AUGI LUG Admin twice a year to update their information. What features does the new system have? The new AUGI LUG Listing has expanded features and informational display. Standard LUG information is provided to all Listed LUGs. Affiliate groups will get additional features as shown below.

Standard LUG Information:

  • LUG Name
  • LUG Nickname/Acronym
  • Group Type: Official or Company
  • Area Served
  • Meeting Day
  • Meeting Frequency: (Ex. 3rd Tue. Every other Month)
  • Meeting Time
  • Meeting Location Address
  • Product Focus
  • Industry Focus
  • Contact: (name, company, phone)
  • Alternate Contact
  • LUG Website: (verified external URL)
  • Total Membership count
  • Group Profile – paragraph of text

Additional Features for Affiliate LUG’s: (all self serve)

  • LUG Logo – graphic image
  • LUG Event List – List of upcoming events (text)
  • LUG Location Map – Google Map of the user group by location.
  • Sponsors Logo - One or more Sponsor Logo and Link
  • Forum Link – AUGI will create a Forum for the group if requested. Once in place, the LUG can add posts and conversations related to their group. Forum Postings – Recent posts from the LUG Forum will display on the LUG page.
  • User Group Associations – a list of UGA’s that a LUG has aligned with AUGI Members who have designated themselves as members of an

Affiliated Local User Group will see addition features:

  • Members list – pulled from the profile designations that people checked. LUG Member names will be lists for those that are AUGI members, have selected the LUG and allowed information to be shared.
  • LUG File Locker - Ability to upload limited amount of documents. Limits will be in place to allow sufficient posting of LUG docs. (non-members can see the file list, but not access the files)

How does my LUG become Affiliated?

Once you have submitted your LUG information, we will review it and offer you Affiliate status if you desire. Once accepted, your LUG will become Affiliated.  Once a LUG is defined as Affiliate, all of the Affiliate features become available to them.