Organization and Bylaws

AUGI is led by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board, which consists of active AUGI members. The Board guides the various programs geared for the benefit of the members. In addition, the Board utilizes the services of an Executive Manager and other volunteers and contractors to help direct AUGI's various programs and manage the organization's international presence.

AUGI also relies on a large group of volunteers to help manage and work on AUGI programs. Volunteers often work together in teams to serve the AUGI community. Information on  becoming a volunteer for AUGI and the opportunities currently available can be found on the Volunteering page or by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator directly. Whether a member of the Board of Directors, an Advisory member, an AUGI volunteer, or an individual member of AUGI, all support the organization with the aim of exchanging information concerning the use of industry products and related software.

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AUGI Bylaws

Our bylaws were adopted on August 14, 2023.

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