Local User Group Handbook

UPDATED - 6th Edition

April 2013 - The AUGI User Group Handbook has been revised/updated. This is our 6th Edition of this resource.  This major revision incorporates new information and our new structure and offerings. It is also packed with tips, advice and suggestions for making your group even stronger.

Please view/download the User Group Association / User Group handbook for information on the following topics:

  • What is a Local User Group (LUG) or User Group Association (UGA)?
  • Local User Group (LUG) User Group Association (UGA)
  • The Benefits of a Local User Group (LUG)
  • Starting a Local User Group
  • Gathering A Core Team
  • Your First Meeting
  • Establishing Bylaws & A Group Charter
  • Recommended Dues Structures
  • Meeting Checklist
  • A Successful Meeting
  • Ideas for Meeting Topics
  • Ongoing Recruitment
  • Other Ways to Build Your Local User Group
  • Maintaining a Membership Database
  • User Group Roundtable
  • How AUGI Supports User Groups
  • The Differences Between AUGI And Local User Groups
  • AUGI Key Contacts