www.AUGI.com Content

The website is comprised of targeted and organized sections of content that serve specific purposes, all linked together by the common thread of Autodesk software use and learning. Our primary channels are:

Product Communities - narrowly focused members around a specific product. They help new users find their way as well as guide the development of new programs and forums purpose-built for their community.

Forums - the main location where the magic happens. Our forums number well over 250 and through them, give the membership the voice to communicate together and to provide feedback to Autodesk.

Publications - here are what is traditionally known as magazines but freshened for the 21st century. AUGI produces a number of titles for different segments of membership industries.

Education - everyone needs to learn and AUGI members are no different. Our AUGI Training Program (ATP) leverages the expertise we have in-house and connects these gurus to membership students.

Chapters - we do only exist virtually, we have local, feet on the ground, all over the world. We have empowered members in specific areas of the planet to come together with a like mind and purpose.

Surveys - our members are unique in that they want to share, and they love to share their opinions too. By using our survey system we can keep the pulse of the membership, to better provide solutions and services they enjoy.

Volunteering - the reason AUGI even exists is volunteers. We use a solid infrastructure to put people to work, doing what they love doing, for the betterment of members world-wide.

Autodesk University - AUGI has a long history with AU, in fact it was the meeting of members of the organization that gave birth to the premier annual conference centered on Autodesk software.

Careers - as often is the case, members will need to change directions in their careers, while staying under the Autodesk umbrella. AUGI can help members find new opportunties if they want it.