Local User Groups

What are Local User Groups ?

AUGI and Local User Groups (LUGs) are partners with a common mission: to provide support for Autodesk product users.

Local User Groups provide an environment for users to help users. This peer-to-peer support is offered in a number of ways, including online discussion groups, regular newsletters, and most importantly, user group meetings. At local user group meetings, users benefit from face-to-face contact with their peers, enabling them to form professional relationships and strengthen their networking efforts. The local user group focuses on the needs of their individual members, providing educational opportunities and sharing information pertinent to their local community.

Meetings and programs are tailored to the needs of the community making the local user group a great source for job opportunities, networking, and product support.

As always, in the left sash you'll find links to information about Local User Groups, including how to find a Local User Group in your area (Local User Group Finder), how to start your own User Group, and how to register a User Group for exposure on AUGI.com.

Local User Groups are Looking for You to Lead

In addition to the rewards that come with building and managing a community organization whose mission is to help “users help users,” local user group leaders position themselves to receive numerous other benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to give back to one’s community
  • A vehicle for shaping and growing one’s community for the future
  • Enhanced leadership experience
  • Professional and personal development
  • Higher level partnership with AUGI, the local chapter sponsor (Autodesk Re-seller), and Autodesk
  • Recognition as an AUGI User Group leader in one’s firm, industry, and local professional community
  • A springboard to future professional and community leadership positions, including AUGI
  • Networking and job opportunities

Many people who want to get involved with AUGI user communities on a leadership level nevertheless wonder what will be required of them if they do. One distinct benefit of being a user group leader is that many of the tasks have been streamlined such that it requires less time to manage. AUGI understands people are busy and has, therefore, developed a local community program that automates much of the website updating tasks.

Nevertheless, local user groups cannot succeed without the direction and talent of local leaders. User Group Board members play a crucial role in leading and representing their user group. Board members provide vision and direction to the local user groups, serve as spokespersons to and for the local user group members, and act as ambassador to the broader AUGI and Autodesk communities and beyond. Find out how you can join a local user group in your community and find out what other design professionals like yourself are doing to further their careers and professional development.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the User Group section of this website should be directed to the AUGI User Group Manager.  You'll find  more information in the in the right sash on this page.