Elections and Voting

Have you ever considered deepening your involvement with AUGI by serving on the AUGI Board of Directors? Being a Director requires some work and carries some responsibility, but it offers many rewards as well. You will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Autodesk executives and the opportunity to build career-transforming relationships with fellow AUGI Board members and other industry leaders.

We encourage all eligible members to consider running for the AUGI Board of Directors. Please read carefully this information about candidate eligibility and the election process. Watch this page for changes in requirements and procedures.

How do I become a candidate?

The AUGI Board of Directors looks for people with business and leadership experience or activity or leadership in local chapters, and for past participation as an AUGI volunteer. You must write a minimum 100 word statement on how you match those qualities and what you hope to accomplish as an AUGI Director. Submit that statement, along with a digital photo of yourself, to the AUGI Secretary. You must also meet the requirements stated in the AUGI Bylaws.

Who can serve?

AUGI's Bylaws define Candidate requirements. A minimum is that you be an AUGI member in good standing for at least one year. There are other requirements which are outlined in Article IV of the AUGI Bylaws.

What does a Director do?

Significant changes were made in 2004 to refocus the Board's duties, making it less of a working Board and more of a guiding body. The AUGI Board typically meets twice a year, in May, and at Autodesk University. Throughout the year the Board holds monthly conference calls. Based on their skills and interests, Directors monitor, manage, and modify existing programs and services. They also conceive, define, and deploy new programs and services.

What is the deadline to file as a candidate?

The sooner the better, this gives you more time to make your opinions known to those who will be voting. AUGI will announce the closing deadlines for nominations. You can contact the AUGI Secretary or any existing Board member at any time if you are interesting in serving.

How much time and expense is involved?

Depending upon your involvement, approximately 15+ hours per month is required. The AUGI Board members are all volunteers. All expenses related to serving are paid, but there is no remuneration. Two weeks a year minimum is required for Board meetings and Autodesk University. Feel free to contact any current Board member for more information.