What is HotNews

AUGI HotNews is a monthly, e-newsletter distributed to more than 170,000 AUGI members.

In addition to keeping current with trends via the top-shelf technical and editorial content within AUGI HotNews, members worldwide look forward to checking out the latest announcements and special offers from Autodesk Partner Software and Hardware companies.

Opportunities exist within AUGI HotNews for Developers to present a "special offer" or invitation to AUGI members via a short "Teaser" message that links to a fully stated message which is hosted on AUGI.com.

Below is a sample AUGI HotNews that shows the typical format that can be utilized.

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Marketing Team

Kevin Merritt

Kevin Merritt

  • Director of Communications
  • Location: Novato, CA, USA
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Nancy Tanner

Nancy Tanner

  • Media Account Executive
  • Location: Centennial, CO, USA
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