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The AUGI user community is a wealth of information and experience and valued opinions. We love to pick your brains and share your views for the enlightenment of our members, Autodesk and the design community at large. Every month, we run a short poll on hot topics, usually related to the content of our wonderful contributing experts in AUGIWorld magazine. On occasion, we feature more detailed surveys to get in-depth opinions on important issues.

Links to both polls and surveys can be found here in the left column.

AUGI Annual Salary Survey

Every year thousands and thousands of members participate in the AUGI Annual Salary Survey. With over 14 years of data collected from our members, we continue the gathering and reporting of information that allows our members to review their compensation and industry trends. Be sure to see the Salary Survey and HotNews Surveys articles to find links to other salary resources, so that you may be fully equipped to negotiate fair wages.

The Annual Survey closes August 6th, with results being published in the September issue of AUGIWorld Magazine.

Please come back in September and participate in our first ever survey of career pathways, share where you started and where you are now!

To access past Survey results - select the Salary Surveys link to the left. All other surveys and polls are in the Archives and the AUGI Library.

- Thank you.

Melanie Perry and Corey Daun, your friendly neighborhood data crunchers