Share Your AUGI Stories

As early as 1986, there were groups of users at tech events who wanted to gather together to discuss CAD issues, generate solutions, and provide feedback to Autodesk. In 1989, it got a little more serious as the planning for a larger meeting began. In 1990, that meeting took place and the North American AutoCAD User Group was born. From these beginnings, future expansions and a couple of name changes resulted in the organization you know today: the Autodesk User Group International or AUGI.

AUGI is turning 20 years old and we're kicking off a year-long celebration! One of the first orders of business is to invite all AUGI members to share their AUGI stories. We want to hear the funny and/or inspiring AUGI-related anecdotes you've accumulated over the years.

Just send your recollection(s) in an email or an MS Word doc to Remember to include your name, city/state, and how many years you've been an AUGI member. Feel free to send pictures to accompany your story. (For now, send low res images or scans to keep the file size down.)

The fall issue of AUGIWorld magazine will feature some of your stories as well as other AUGI-centric content and some just-for-fun things thrown in, too.

Help us celebrate two decades of "users helping users" by telling us your AUGI stories!

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