AUGI HotNews August 2010


Support AUGI’s CAD Camp Campaign

A new AUGI CAD Camp sponsor is helping AUGI to streamline logistics and trim costs. But attendance is critical. If you and your colleagues haven't attended an AUGI CAD Camp, now is the time.

The Early Years: Membership Booms (2004-2005)

A new secure web server, the debut of AUGI CAD Camp, and a major overhaul of the AUGI Wish List program results in a fast-growing membership.


TIPniques: AutoCAD 2011 Enhanced Features

Brian Benton continues his look at new and enhanced features in the latest version of AutoCAD. This month: one fun new feature and several enhancements to existing AutoCAD capabilities.

The Civil Side: Back to Basics

Christian Barrett offers a basic approach to AutoCAD Civil 3D. Here, the author details his Quick Start method.

Sponsor Spotlight: New Graphics Choices, Solutions

HP is offering the latest line of ATI FirePro professional graphics cards from AMD. Take a closer look at these top-of-the-line products.

CAD Management: Betwixt and Between

CAD managers stand firmly in the middle of everthing. Between upper management and the front line worker. Betwixt standardization and disarray. Here's how to cope, and thrive, in this unique position.