Sponsor Spotlight: New Graphics Choices, Solutions

HP Workstations are well known for providing the best possible graphics options available with exhaustively tested, certified and optimized graphics solutions from industry leaders. Now HP is offering the latest line of ATI FirePro professional graphics cards from industry leader AMD.

High performance at a competitive price

What sets these new offerings from ATI FirePro apart is a combination of leading edge technologies like ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology which can help increase desktop productivity and simplify visualization solutions1 and support for the latest industry standards including OpenGL 4.02, OpenCL 1.03 and DirectX 11 that deliver industry-leading price-performance.

The ATI FirePro series offers a broad range of graphics card solutions from entry level 3D cards like the ATI FirePro V3700 up to powerhouse simulation machines like the ATI FirePro V8800, as well as powerful mobile solutions like the ATI FirePro M7820 and ATI M5800 cards available in select HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations. Regardless of model however, all of the new ATI FirePro professional graphics solutions share some common features to enhance user productivity, especially with demanding engineering tasks such as digital prototyping and complex simulations.

Intelligent, massively parallel technology yields higher performance

At the heart of the new ATI FirePro cards is a uniquely scalable , ultra-parallel processing architecture that maximizes throughput by automatically directing graphics resources where it is needed most, enabling real-time rendering of your most complex models and enhancing frame-rate performance for animations and simulations. Large graphics memory and fast internal bandwidth also enable the ATI FirePro graphics cards to store geometry inside the card without having it pushed back to the CPU to calculate changes.

A new feature called AutoDetect automatically optimizes performance for multi-application environments by automatically configuring driver settings as the user opens 3D applications and moves back and forth between them. This feature offers a powerful advantage for users who work in AutoCAD and Inventor or Inventor and Revit, or even multiple applications from different vendors.

Multi-monitor support

The new ATI FirePro graphics cards also offer exceptional multi-monitor options with both dual-link DVI and DisplayPort outputs to power the latest high-definition2, wide-screen displays, and even generate multi-display workspaces of more than 5000 pixels in width. DisplayPort output offers stunning 30-bit ultra high resolution imaging and support for up to a billion colors when used with 30-bit capable monitors3.

HP testing and ISV certifications for rock-solid performance

Of course no graphics card is offered by HP for its workstations and mobile workstations until it is tested extensively under real-world conditions with ISV partner solutions to help ensure maximum reliability and performance. By working closely with Autodesk and other ISVs HP helps ensure that its Z-series Workstations and EliteBook Mobile Workstations run your mission critical applications flawlessly, day after day and year after year.

So whatever your workstation needs from mobile workstations up to powerhouse desktop workstations like the HP Z800, HP now offers a variety of ATI FirePro and NVIDIA Quadro graphics solutions to suit your needs, all offering exceptional performance and unbelievable HP reliability. The choice is yours, with no compromises required.

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