AUGI HotNews March 2010


President’s Message: Getting to Know You

Help AUGI deliver messages and create programs that are tailored to you, your industry, and the Autodesk software you use. It is time for a little housekeeping in AUGI's member data base. Here's how you can help.

The Early Years: Growing Pains

As part of the celebration of AUGI's first 20 years, we look back at AUGI's beginnings. The year is 1993 and the organization is growing in popularity. But rapid growth is not without its problems. Here's the story.


TIPniques: How Do You Use AutoCAD?

TIPniques columnist Brian Benton talks about the AutoCAD features you might not know (and the ones you do know but aren't using fully).

The Construction Environment, Part 2

The Creative Inventor, Dennis Jeffrey, offers tips on using the Construction Environment in Autodesk Inventor. But first, he'll define some terms.

CAD Management: Hardware Upgrade Jitters

Does swapping hardware make you squeamish? You aren't alone, as Mark Kiker explains in this article.

Sponsor Spotlight: Meet the Performance Advisor

HP's Performing Tuning Framework makes way for a new, improved support system, the Performance Advisor. Learn all about it here.

AutoCAD Architecture 2010: Column Grid

Author Tharakesh Ananthakrishnan examines the Column Grid, an easy-to-use object in AutoCAD Architec