President’s Message: Getting to Know You

Who are you?

The theme song to the hit TV show "CSI" has been burned into our minds - either from the original release by The Who or from the show itself. It is classic rock at its finest. And it reminds me of the need to know who AUGI members are.

AUGI expands its membership by about 2,000 or so members per month. We have held at about that rate for the last two to three years. New members come from all over the world and in every industry that uses 2D or 3D design software. Some members come to ask questions and some come to provide answers. Some come to find others who share the successes and troubles with software and hardware and others come for the camaraderie of a shared technical experience.

When you first join AUGI, we ask a few demographic questions to help us get to know you and help us know where you are in the CAD world. We ask about your industry, your title, the software you use, and more. This information about you enables us to focus our benefits and offerings so that you get the info that you need. We also use this information to keep you informed - to let you know about events in your area and offers that may benefit you.

Obviously, when we send out emails or bulletins, we need up-to-date information about our members.

Some of you have been AUGI members for a long time. Your email may be up to date, but your title may have changed. You may have joined a few years back and now you have moved to another industry. You may be a long-time CAD user who has now moved to BIM. Some of you may have outdated email addresses that still work for the AUGI login, but not for receiving emails.

All this means that our demographic info may be out of date. We need your help to update our member database. We need you to go update your profile. This will allow us to better filter the information we send out so that you are not getting bothered with offers that do not apply to your current position or the software titles you use.

We are asking you to go to, click on the list at the left from top to bottom, and get the latest info into our database. The main one that needs attention is your profile page. I guarantee that you will find some outdated info buried in our files from years ago. Go check it out.

Recently, we updated our list of software. It now matches the current list from Autodesk and includes many titles that were not there a month or so ago. We do not ask for the versions you are using - just the software title.

Getting our database in good shape will help us make our benefits and offerings fit your individual profile. Tailoring AUGI into a more useful and focused community is our goal.

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