Sponsor Spotlight: Meet the Performance Advisor

For almost a decade, HP’s Performance Tuning Framework has been yielding improvements in productivity, stability, and performance, as well as providing users and administrators with tools that simplify troubleshooting and technical support. Now, the HP Performance Tuning Framework is going away, to be replaced with something even better - the HP Performance Advisor.

The Performance Advisor is not just a revision of the old Framework; rather, it is an all-new tool designed to provide all the benefits of the old Framework with a simpler, more intuitive user interface similar to that of HP SkyRoom and HP Support Assistant.

The Performance Tuning Framework was like having an IT professional at your fingertips. By contrast, the HP Performance Advisor "speaks user" - doing everything the Framework used to do, but in a simpler package that allows you to get more done with less effort.

Some specific usability improvements include a change in how you configure your workstation, using a graphic of the motherboard, to guide you intuitively through what you are doing. Scrolling functions allow you to navigate easily from component to component. Similarly, in the Performance Tuning section of Performance Advisor, HP has added performance monitoring graphics so you can see graphical charting of the subsystem performance over time, allowing you to better understand what the performance issues are and where they come from.

The Performance Advisor:

  • employs an intuitive, wizard-like interface.
  • selects and Installs graphics drivers.
  • assists in optimizing memory resources.
  • tells how applications and processes are using both physical and virtual memory resources.
  • monitors CPU and memory for potential performance impact on applications and WS.
  • uses HP HyperTune technology to configure maximum performance requirements for specific applications.
  • provides a consolidated hardware and application report.
  • updates dynamically and automatically checks and downloads framework updates and database components.

What it means to you
The HP Performance Advisor is nothing less than your personal workstation guru, helping you tune, optimize, maintain, and troubleshoot your workstation without having to consult an IT department every step of the way. It helps you set up and maintain a truly optimized workstation platform, custom tuned to your particular needs. Moreover, it helps you keep the platform stable and reliable throughout its functional lifespan, and what's more, it makes it easy.

Of course, the end product is a workstation solution that performs consistently and boosts your productivity - day in and day out - so no matter how your business may change, you know you are ready and able to excel.

The HP Performance Advisor comes pre-installed on all new HP Workstations, and can be downloaded for the HP Workstations you already own. It's an HP exclusive, made possible by HP's unparalleled commitment to its customers and its partners.

For more information about The HP Performance Advisor, click here.

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