AUGI HotNews February 2010


The Early Years: One-on-One with Autodesk

As part of the celebration of AUGI's first 20 years, we look back at AUGI's beginnings. Go inside the very first annual meeting when AUGI pioneers sat down with Autodesk executives and the designers behind AutoCAD.

President’s Message: Shared Workload

Meet the new 10-member AUGI Board of Directors. Want to get more involved in your user organization? We'll tell you how. Plus, March AUGI CAD Camp events and AUGI's new file sharing program.


TIPniques: Start Fresh, but Not Empty

TIPniques columnist Brian Benton discusses smart ways to reuse designs from prior projects.

CAD Management: “Undelegation” Skills

If the person you put in charge of a project isn't meeting expectations, don't just pull the plug. Mark Kiker shows you a more thoughtful approach.

Sponsor Spotlight: Entry-level Made Easy

HP demonstrates why choosing a workstation over a PC is the smart choice for Autodesk software users.

AutoCAD Architecture: More Structural Styles

Author Tharakesh Ananthakrishnan continues his exploration of structural member styles creation. This month, a lesson in creating a precast column.