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It just got easier to choose a professional workstation over a PC for your AutoCAD needs. The HP Z200 Workstation provides workstation power, performance, scalability, and reliability at commodity PC prices, so you can seize advantage of the productivity boosts available with the latest 3D-capable versions of AutoCAD.

The entry level of the workstation market has always been a tough choice between a high-end PC and a workstation class system. While PCs can run AutoCAD, they often struggle with some of the operations.

Workstation-class machines are the better choice, especially with the more intensive 3D capabilities of the latest versions of AutoCAD. The performance available will be a leap in user productivity while costing just a few dollars more. The headroom inherent in workstations can make a huge difference over the life of the platform.

"As professional applications move into 3D, more and more people are upgrading to the power of multi-core workstations to fuel their creativity," says Jeff Wood, director, Worldwide Marketing, Workstations, HP. "Customers around the world choose HP workstations for the best in performance and for reliability that adds up to a surprisingly short return on investment."

The HP Z200 Workstation taps into the newest technologies found in the other Z series workstations and puts them to use for professionals in government, education, and small business.

The power you need at a price you can afford

With a variety of Intel dual- and quad-core processors, on-processor memory controllers and a choice of integrated graphics processing or workstation class graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA, the technology can scale to your needs. Accessible FireWire and USB ports, ample space inside for multiple hard drives and optical drives, and a variety of energy saving features, the HP Z200 is designed to give you choices, both now and in the future, to adapt your workstation to your needs.

The HP Z200 is also Microsoft Windows 7 ready, with downgrades to Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP available. All OS’s come in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. This provides a clean upgrade path to Microsoft’s newest and most powerful operating systems when the time is right. You can upgrade your hardware, software, and OS at the same time, or in stages, whatever works best for your needs.

Get an HP engineer in every box 

With the release of the HP Z200, HP also unveils the HP Performance Advisor software tool, which acts like a personal system engineer to update workstation settings and drivers, help ensure optimal performance, maximize stability and increase overall productivity.

Formerly called the HP Performance Tuning Framework, HP Performance Advisor has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive experience that can help save time and money and increase overall productivity. Performance Advisor is preinstalled on the HP Z200 and ships on all HP workstations and the new mobile workstations at no additional cost.

HP SkyRoom is a new way for users to collaborate visually, with sharing your desktop work space with others and simultaneously engaging in video conferencing, and it comes free on the HP workstations and new mobile workstations.

The HP Z200 Workstation offers entry-level users real workstation performance, real workstation reliability, and real-workstation choices, at a commodity PC price, giving AutoCAD users the flexibility they need to reach their highest aspirations and innovation.

The HP Z200 workstation starts at $769 and is available to order starting February 2010.

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