President’s Message: Shared Workload

In 2010 the AUGI Board of Directors expanded to 10 members. This was done to provide additional support efforts and assist in planning for the future. The expanded board gives us more input and more hands in the mix. The board has been busy dividing up the workload for 2010. We call the process Bucket Assignments.

Each area of AUGI oversight is divided into a bucket. The buckets reflect the processes, programs, and efforts of the board. We discuss what each bucket area needs and who will oversee each one.

Each bucket has an assigned board member as the leader. There is also a team and a list of board members who may act as consultants. The leader is the board member who has responsibility for that area. The team includes those board members who will actively be providing hands-on support in a volunteer manner. The consultants will be board members who will offer advice and input, but not be hands-on in that area.

Board member Bucket
Bill Adams On-line Communities; Bylaws committee
Donnie Gladfelter Local chapters; BLAUGI
David Harrington AUGIWorld; AUGI AEC Edge; Wish List team
Peter Jamtgaard Forum oversight; E-learning
Mark Kiker AUGI HotNews; E-bulletins;; Governance; History; Sales/Marketing
Paul Kirill AUGI CAD Camp;; AUGI Career Corner
Ken Leary Surveys; Top DAUG; ATP committee
John Morgan Country chapters; International Assembly, Elections committee
Dario Passariello Social media (Facebook, Linked-In, etc.)
Jane Smith Autodesk University; Volunteer coordinator; Membership

With these buckets in place, you can now know what we are doing and also volunteer for specific areas. Do you what to become a blogger on BLAUGI? Contact Donnie Gladfelter. Do you want to write for our magazines? Contact David Harrington. Do you want to help out by presenting an ATP course? Contact Ken Leary. Do you want to contribution to AUGI HotNews? Contact Mark Kiker.

You can also check our Volunteer page to see what's available. AUIG can always use your help!

Event and Program Reminders

AUGI CAD Camp continues to expand. Here's the March calendar. Visit the AUGI CAD Camp website for details.

3/16 – Austin, TX
3/18 – Dallas, TX
3/29 – Seattle, WA

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