AUGI HotNews February 2009


AUGI Wish Lists: Voting Period Begins

The February Wish List cycle has begun. As an AUGI member, you have the opportunity to help determine what product improvement wishes will be reported to Autodesk for the next releases of AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD Civil 3D. Vote for your top 10 wishes today.

President’s Letter: Updates and Announcements

Mark Kiker, AUGI president, provides a status report on some of your favorite, long-time AUGI programs and introduces a brand new AUGI publication. Get the latest AUGI news right here.

Introducing AUGI AEC Edge

A new publication will be available to AUGI members in the coming weeks. AUGI AEC Edge promises content designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of those working in the architecture, engineering, construction, and civil engineering industries. Learn more about this exciting new publication


CAD Management: Challenges

The human resources side of CAD management can be daunting, often containing problems with no quick answers. In this article, Mark Kiker looks at some common "people" issues and offers advice on how to address them.

The Civil Side: Managing Large Surface Data

While today's technology allows users to collect large amounts of accurate data, it is often necessary to pare down that data so that it can be imported into design software. Melanie Santer offers tips on how to accomplish it.

AutoCAD Architecture: A Kick Start

Tharakesh Ananthakrishnan continues his lessons on using AutoCAD Architecture software. In this exercise, you will learn how to use materials to control the display properties of a wall style.

The Creative Inventor: Simplifying Content Center

Dennis Jeffrey explores the Content Center in Autodesk Inventor. Dive into Content Center and learn how to improve access time and add new custom content.