Introducing AUGI AEC Edge

AUGI and Extension Media are very excited to announce AUGI AEC Edge, a brand new quarterly publication dedicated to delivering mission-critical information to Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Contractors who use Autodesk AEC products.

Publication Overview

The premier issue of AUGI AEC Edge will focus on exciting developments in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, along with Revit solutions. The publication will feature articles, news, and contributions from industry experts -- editors with substantial expertise, some of whom might have been your instructors at Autodesk University.

AUGI AEC Edge is dedicated to providing thoughtful editorial and useful tips on all aspects of digital design creation, necessary for accurate project visualization and analysis. This valuable information will enable readers to deliver their projects faster, more economically, and with reduced environmental impact.

Editorial leadership for this innovative publication will be provided by Stephen Stafford. Steve has been an active part of the Revit user community since 2002. He writes and manages three Revit blogs including AUGI's Revit Forum. He is also a frequent speaker at Autodesk University. Steve has a thorough editorial calendar covering timely and key topics, which no one will want to miss.

Distribution Highlights The digital format includes the opportunity to insert training or demo videos, which is proven to capture interest.

Stay tuned for information on how you can be part of the distribution of this publication.

Special marketing opportunities for our sponsors are available.

This publication will quickly become an industry standard for everyone wanting to effectively utilize BIM. Don't miss the opportunity to get your products and services in front of this specially targeted market, inexpensively!

Your company can participate with co-sponsorships, display ads, advertorials, and product showcases. Don't be left out of the Premier Issue of AUGI AEC Edge.

Editorial contact:
Advertising contact: / 415-305-5557

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