AUGI HotNews April 2010


Join Us for AUGI CAD Camp 2010

Been CAD Camping yet? If not, plan to attend an AUGI CAD Camp event - coming to your city or one near you - in 2010. You'll get an instant productivity boost from tips and techniques shared by top instructors and plenty of opportunities to network with those in your industry. And there's some fun thrown into the mix as well. Learn more here.

President’s Message: Stats Show Active Website

AUGI continues to grow, as this snapshot of AUGI website stats reveals. AUGI President Mark Kiker shares some interesting numbers that provide insight into how members communicate with AUGI.

The Early Years: New Name, New Mission

By the mid 1990s, AUGI was hitting its stride, but suffered an identity crisis of sorts. Lots of good things were going on, but there was no cohesive plan for pulling everything together. Strong leadership and dedicated members enabled the organization to develop a mission statement and move forward.

AUGI Wish List - Time to Vote!

Ballots for AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit Architecture are prepared and ready for your votes. Vote for your favorite wishes now! If you ever wonder which wishes on the AUGI Wish List become actual product features, you'll enjoy a video created by Autodesk's Shaan Hurley on the subject. Take a look.


TIPniques: Introducing AutoCAD 2011

TIPniques columnist Brian Benton introduces the newest version of AutoCAD in the first of several articles about the software's features and enhancements.

CAD Management: Software Upgrade Jitters

If last month's article on hardware upgrade anxiety struck a familiar chord, this month's similar take on software upgrades will hit home as well.

Sponsor Spotlight: Small but Mighty

Meet the HP Z200 SFF (Small Form Factor), a little powerhouse designed for those with tight workspaces

AutoCAD Architecture 2010: Radial Grids

Author Tharakesh Ananthakrishnan dives into AutoCAD Architecture 2010, giving you step-by-step lessons in the software's major features. This month, you'll learn to draw radial grids.