AUGI Wish List - Time to Vote!

It is time to vote! The AutoCAD and Revit Architecture Wish List ballot closes on May 15 at 12:00 am GMT.

AUGI Members, it is time once again to let Autodesk know what you would like to see in future releases of AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. Each year, AUGI members submit suggests to improve their beloved software. AUGI volunteer experts then take these wishes, review them, clarify them, and if needed, reach out to the submitter for clarification. Then we develop a ballot and hand it over to you! This time around there are 85 wishes for AutoCAD and 65 for Revit Architecture.

Does you vote matter? YES, IT DOES.

Check out the video on how many of our Wishes have come true.

Shaan Hurley of Autodesk created this video for AUGI to highlight the fact that wishes really do come true. Watch this fast-paced video to see many of the features you use on a regular basis that got their inspiration and start as an AUGI Wish List item. This video was featured at AUGI's General Meeting during Autodesk University 2009.

So the next Wish List ballot is now open. Autodesk uses the results of AUGI Wish List ballots to help plan out improvements in the software. You need to take advantage of this opportunity. The only thing you need is a membership in AUGI and a little bit of your time. Now come vote on the wish ideas you would most like to see become a part of the product you use every day.

On behalf of all of the Wish List team members - reviewers and administrators - thank you for your time and your vote!

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