Join Us for AUGI CAD Camp 2010

Join the hundreds of AUGI members who have participated in AUGI CAD Camp, one-day learning and networking events designed to give you the tips and techniques to make you more productive immediately.

You don't have to spend days away from the office, deal with cross-country travel hassles, or spend a lot of money to boost your productivity and make important new professional contacts. A few hours at an AUGI CAD Camp - coming to your city or one near you this year - will give you all the knowledge and confidence you need to make an instant impact the very next day.

The networking aspect - never to be overlooked - is an important part of every AUGI CAD Camp. Plenty of networking opportunities are built into the agenda, giving you ample time to make new contacts and perhaps reconnect with old friends. And there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition - AUGI CAD Camp events offer a Top DAUG contest so attendees can show off their AutoCAD skills.

And in a tough economy, here's more good news: A low admission fee and a discount if you're an AUGI member make AUGI CAD Camp the year's best bargain.

If you haven't been to AUGI CAD Camp yet, what are you waiting for?

Click here to visit BLAUGI to learn more about the Top DAUG winners at this year's AUGI CAD Camp events.

Click here to visit the AUGI CAD Camp website and learn more about these exciting learning and networking events.

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