AUGI HotNews March 2009


AUGI Member Survey: The Special Election

If you've ever wanted to weigh in on how the AUGI Board of Director elections are conducted, here is your chance. Take this brief survey and let your voice be heard.

Revit Family Attributes Unraveled

The need for a Revit marketplace featuring user-generated content seems clear now, but how best to create and organize it? gives you some things to think about and the opportunity to give your opinion. Read on...

President’s Letter: The Latest on AUGI Programs

As we roll into spring, AUGI President Mark Kiker provides an update on your favorite AUGI programs and services.


TIPniques: AutoCAD 2010 - Odds and Ends

Guest columnist Melanie Stone drills into the latest release of AutoCAD, which includes many improved features. Learn more about the new version before you install.

CAD Management Challenges, Part 2

The human resources side of CAD management can be daunting, often containing problems with no quick answers. In the second part of a series, Mark Kiker looks at some common "people" issues and offers advice on how to address them.

Sponsor Spotlight: Tune Your Workstation

HP's Performance Tuning Framework (PTF) delivers the power to maintain and service your HP workstation and to fine-tune it specifically for your mission-critical Autodesk applications as well as the way you work. Find out more here.

The Civil Side: Dust Off That Civil 3D 2009 Box!

Is your copy of AutoCAD Civil 3D sitting around unopened? Melanie Santer encourages you to dive in, and offers an information-packed tutorial to get you going.

The Creative Inventor: You, Recession-Proof

Dennis Jeffrey offers some sage advice about how to cope with the current economic downturn and, more importantly, what to do when the recession ends.