Sponsor Spotlight: Tune Your Workstation

Business tools that help you make the most of every moment provide an important boost to your ability to operate effectively and compete in your industry. The HP exclusive Performance Tuning Framework (PTF) is just such a tool - delivering not only the power to easily maintain and service your HP workstation but also to fine-tune it specifically for your mission-critical Autodesk applications as well as the way you work.

HP PTF combines numerous productivity-enhancing tools in one, easy-to-use utility. And it effectively puts the expertise of HP and Autodesk engineers to work for you, giving you more options to enhance and optimize your design and engineering platforms for your specific needs. The result? You get more done, faster.

For example, the Applications Page shows all the applications installed on your workstation and provides access to application-specific pages such as Autodesk Inventor. From these pages you can view important status information and run application-specific tuning options to enhance performance, reliability, and speed.

Maximizing graphics performance and reliability can save large amounts of design time every day, which is why the Graphics Driver Page is a core feature of HP PTF. With this utility you can see all available graphics drivers and those that are certified for your Autodesk applications as well as other necessary applications on your workstation. This provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision on which driver to install, thus avoiding conflicts and optimizing overall performance. Putting all this data together in one place - along with quick links to download the drivers on demand - can save hours of research and implementation time.

The Memory Usage page lets you track memory usage both in detail and over time to diagnose and prevent performance sapping memory issues and ensure that the right resources are available when and where they are needed. The Memory Usage page also includes the ability to set processor affinity in multi-processor machines, ensuring that an application runs efficiently on a specific processor without interference and delays from sharing processing time with other applications.

One particularly useful utility in HP PTF reduces time spent in technical support operations by putting critical systems data at your fingertips, which makes it easier to communicate your needs to your technical support team. Comprehensive configuration data, for instance, is available at the touch of a button and can be quickly saved, printed, or e-mailed to technical support personnel at both HP and Autodesk to help them diagnose and solve issues more quickly, potentially saving hours of downtime.

Other useful features include pages that simplify the set up and deployment of other applications such as HP Remote Graphics Software or productivity tools such as 3Dconnexion 3D motion controllers. New Client Management tools reduce the complexity of managing client systems throughout their lifecycle, saving substantial time and money in support efforts.

Each component of the HP Performance Tuning Framework is a powerful time-saving tool addressing a specific aspect of workstation performance. By combining tools into one application, HP PTF enhances overall design and engineering performance and helps you achieve greater productivity and competitiveness.

And perhaps most surprising is that it's free. The Performance Tuning Framework is an HP-exclusive application, developed for HP workstation users and made available at no cost. It is pre-installed on all HP workstations and is also available as a free download for HP workstations.

For more information on how you can take advantage of these capabilities, visit the HP Performance Tuning Framework Page.

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