AUGI HotNews January 2010


Share, Securely

The newest AUGI offering allows members to share files, drawings, models, videos, and more in a private, secure, web-based environment.

Back by Popular Demand - AUGI CAD Camp

After a hiatus to re-tool, AUGI CAD Camp is back! These one-day learning events are packed with productivity boosting ideas taught by the best in the business. Dozens of events are planned for 2010 and we kick off with three CAD Camps in February. Get complete details here.

President’s Message: Starting 2010 with a Bang

AUGI President Mark Kiker tells why it's going to be an exciting year for AUGI members.

BIM, a Reality for AEC

BIM has moved from theory to reality in AEC. Among large architectural firms, adoption is closing in on 80 percent, but many smaller companies are hesitating to make the leap. Author Nahim Iqbal discusses the issues.


TIPniques: Managing Display Settings

TIPniques columnist Brian Benton tells why taking the time to organize your data makes revision work much easier. Here's a good approach.

CAD Management: Delegation Skills

Sharp delegation skills are among a CAD manager's most important assets. In this article, Mark Kiker helps you hone yours.

Sponsor Spotlight: How Windows 7 Delivers

Not only is the newest Windows technically robust, but it also offers a bevy of manageability improvements to boost user productivity. Learn all about Windows 7 in this article from HP.

Introduction to the Construction Environment

Dennis Jeffrey offers this step-by-step tutorial on solving common problems when importing geometry from other 3D CAD systems.

AutoCAD Architecture: Structural Styles, Part 3

Author Tharakesh Ananthakrishnan continues his exploration of structural member styles creation. This month, you will create a new structural member style that will use multiple shapes.