President’s Message: What Have You Been Missing?

I mention AUGI benefits all the time and sometimes hear people say, "I didn't know about that" or "How could I have missed that?" 

So, a summer reminder of the benefits all AUGI members can enjoy.


  • AUGIWorld - our flagship publication. Distributed to all members who opt in via email notification with links to our website. It is a general focus magazine published every other month.
  • AUGI AEC Edge - our newest addition to publications. It is AEC industry-focused online magazine published once per quarter.
  • AUGI HotNews - our email newsletter, published monthly. It goes to all members who have opted in. This initially goes out in English and is sometimes translated into other languages and emailed to our international members.
  • AUGI Bulletins - our vendor-driven email blasts. We have had very successful campaigns by vendors in the past. You develop the content and we connect you up to the tools that you want to know about. Discounts, raffles, and offers from the developers make these worth reading.

Face to face Interaction

  • Local Chapters - member-driven, face-to-face meetings. These are discussion and presentation format events run by local leadership. They are self-sustaining user group meetings. This is where it all started for AUGI.
  • Country Chapters - organized efforts in specific geographic locations or language affinity throughout the world. We currently have 10 Country Chapters. These are language and location based groups with local boards of directors and local coordination for in-country events.

Online Educational Benefits

  • The AUGI Training Program (ATP) is online supplemental training offered free of charge to AUGI members. New ATP courses are available online.
  • Autodesk University Class Handouts are materials from courses offered at past AU events. They are available for download from our website.
  • AUGI e-learning, in conjunction with CADLearning, makes video lessons available every month to AUGI members at no charge. These video lessons teach individual product concepts and features. Every month, new lessons in each course series will be available. Completion of the full course will take 12 to 18 months at the one-section-per-month rate.

Online Interaction

  • Forums - these are the heart and soul of AUGI - our online discussion areas. Broken down by software title or function. The greatest online activity is seen here. We have questions and answers from all over the world. We have seven language based forums other than English.
  • Online Communities - these are collections of Forums, information exchanges, File exchanges and displays of users work. We have five at this time.
  • BLAUGI - the AUGI Blog - postings open to the general public about AUGI events, contests, happening and more.
  • AUGI Survey - AUGI does member surveys to gather information and benchmark users adoption of software, perspectives on support and training, AUGI programs and more. Our biggest survey is the annual AUGI Salary Survey (live right now!)
  • AUGI Wish List - your way to let Autodesk know what you are thinking. Through online submission and voting, we provide our "Wishes" for the future products. Your vote counts.
  • AUGI Career Center - our location for employers to hook up with prospective employees. Post your resume and find out about job openings in your area.
  • AUGI Drops - in conjunction with, we have create a file exchange service that allows you to post files, download files, host meetings and so much more.
  • Social Media - we have Twitter accounts and a Facebook page. Search Twitter for multiple accounts (AUGI, AUGIatAU, AUGICADCamp, AUGIForums, and BLAUGI). Our Facebook page is at
  • Member Discounts - we have vendors (usually software) that provide discounts to our members. Sometimes these discounts are in conjunction with ad campaigns and sometimes they are stand-alone, time-limited offerings. These are posted in the forums for members only.

Training Events

  • AUGI CAD Camp - regional one-day training events held in major cities in the US. A few have been held abroad in the past. This is a self-funded program based on sponsorships, advertisers, and event fees.
  • Autodesk University - the annual event put on my Autodesk. AUGI is provided with a booth, meeting space, production of our one hour Annual Meeting and support of other events. We also garner sponsorship for our giveaways.

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