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2014 can schedule lines be numbered?

We use Key Schedules to do that. It's a manual process. You are correct - there ought to be an easier way.

Posted: by jsnyder.68308

2015 Steep Slope Analysis

Ok so this is my first attempt at creating a steep slope analysis. So I basically have my existing TINN. I want to then show the areas of steep slopes. So I apply my Steep Slope Surface style, perform an analysis showing a range of 8 levels. Adjust my percentages and hit apply. When I view...

Posted: by Iceberg

2014 Création de style de ligne pour famille canalisation

Bonjour, J'arrive un peu tard sur le sujet... Sur Revit-Mémo, j'ai posté un message pour faire ce type de ligne > blog didactique sur Revit > ligne avec annotations Bon courage, ...

Posted: by christian.deymonnaz363967

How Do You Use The Autoloader Mechanism?

Autoloader what first released in the 2012 version, and has been enhanced with each version since (to some degree or another)... See the link in my signature for the official White Paper. Being that the Autoloader mechanism handles many aspects of internal/external (3rd party) customizations...

Posted: by BlackBox


No idea why it would work on one, but not the other, but the "hat" (aka arrow) is under the "Elevation" category in V/G and the circle is under "Views" - if that helps any.

Posted: by DaveP

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AUGIWorld September 2014 Issue Released!

Now that the economy is rebounding, professionals can turn their attention back to practical matters such as discovering how their earnings compare with those of their industry peers, what industries are hiring, what industries are laying off, how many people...


AUGI HotNews - August 2014

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Pipe Hatch Draw Order

Currently there is not a way to control the pipe hatch draw order within a pipe style and the default draw order places the hatch on top of the line work that represents the inner or outer walls of the pipe.  Please provide a…


Override Label Component Visibility

I’d like this to be in all label styles. I’d like to be able to turn one on/off individually, again so I don’t have to create a single-use label style. If I have a note label that has coordinate data and…


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