Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some "frequently asked questions" pertaining to AUGI membership.

How much does it cost to join AUGI?

AUGI basic membership is free. We also have two paid membership levels, Student and Professional at $20 and $50 annually respectively. Volunteers help make the organization run. You can help by volunteering. Contact our Volunteer Manager or visit the Volunteering Channel to check out what specific opportunities are currently available.

Why must I provide personal information to join AUGI if membership is free?

Though AUGI is a volunteer organization and currently our basic operating costs are covered by sponsorship investments from third parties, additional money is needed to continue to develop the quality programs that AUGI provides. Because we do not ask our members to pay dues, we raise funds by attracting sponsors who help offset costs.

We do not sell membership information. We do, however, use general statistics gained from membership demographics to justify our requests for money from sponsors and advertisers. In this way, members can continue to benefit from high-quality AUGI support and education programs at no cost.

Can I "blast email" AUGI members with a promotional brief about my company or product?

No. In order to respect the privacy of our members, we do not share our mailing list with anyone. We do, however, have a mechanism for targeting a promotion specifically to select AUGI members. Submit your promotional information to AUGI Sponsorships for review.

How do I change my mailing address, email address, password, or any other contact information?

You can update your personal information and preferences at the website. Updates can be made at My Account.


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