AUGI HotNews September 2010


AUGI’s Top 10 Reasons to Attend AU

Autodesk University returns to Las Vegas with an impressive array of classes, the latest technology on display in the Exhibit Hall, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Then there's the other "fun" stuff. Need a good reason to attend AU 2011? We give you 10.

The Early Years: Connecting the Dots (2006)

AUGI began 2006 by fine-tuning its growing list of programs including the AUGI Forum, the AUGI Training Program, and AUGI CAD Camp. The organization began the formal roll out of AUGI Country Chapters, greatly expanding AUGI's international presence. And membership continued to climb.


TIPniques: AutoCAD 2011 Wrap-up

Brian Benton concludes his series on new features and enhancements in the latest version of AutoCAD. This month, he investigates the software's 3D features including workspaces, object snaps, solid modeling tools, surface modeling, creation, and editing, among others.

Boost Productivity with Upgrades

While you're upgrading to the latest release of your Autodesk product of choice, why not take a hard look at the machines on which your software is running? Check out the results of a series of performance tests conducted by renowned AutoCAD expert David Cohn on behalf of HP, Autodesk, and NVIDIA.

What Needs Fixing - Program or Process?

It is tough to fix a problem if you don't have a firm grasp on the nature of the problem. In this aricle, Mark Kiker demonstrates how to determine if the problem is technical or adaptive - program or process.

The Civil Side - By Subscription Only

Even long-time Civil 3D subscription customers might not be aware of all the benefits their Autodesk subscription offers. Here, The Civil Side columnist Christian Barrett details many of the perks.