AUGI HotNews October 2011

AUGI HotNews October 2011


Letter from the President - 2011 October

AUGI has completely revamped the Wish List system, ensuring that Autodesk product improvement wishes get noticed, discussed, refined, and voted on.


TIPniques: Why Use CAD Standards?

The first in a two-part series from guest columnist Katie Miller. Anyone who thinks CAD Standards aren't important has probably never stepped into a project-in-process where standard file management or naming conventions were ignored.

CAD Management: Dealing with a Horrible Boss

Bad boss got you down? Mark Kiker delivers these common-sense tips for dealing with the situation.

Sponsor Spotlight: Intel Turbo Boost Takes Workstation Performance to New Heights

HP Z Workstations and Intel Turbo Boost technology provide the processing speed you need to get the job done. Find out how.