Sponsor Spotlight: Intel Turbo Boost Takes Workstation Performance to New Heights

Your ability to get your job done properly depends on the power of the systems you use. Any degradation in system performance can adversely affect your ability to meet—or beat—your deadlines.

HP Z Workstations featuring the latest Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 and Xeon processors plus the powerful Intel® Turbo Boost technology (1) are designed to deliver the speed and performance you are looking for. How does it work?

Intel Turbo Boost technology can provide higher processor performance as needed by enabling a processor to increase its core frequency. The technology automatically allows a processor core to run faster than the base operating frequency if it fits within the processor power, current, and temperature specifications.

This technology is activated when a workstation’s operating system requests the highest processor performance state. Measurements of temperature, current draw, and power consumption are continually measured to ensure that electrical and thermal specifications are not exceeded.

HP has designed the HP Z Workstations with unique cooling and airflow capabilities that enable Intel processors to stay within their temperature performance window, thus enabling Intel Turbo Boost to be effectively utilized.

All HP Z Workstations utilize Intel Turbo Boost technology to provide more processing speed for your single and multi-threaded applications. That means with HP Z Workstations you will experience improved productivity and reduced development cycles. And you will get more done in less time.

To learn more about the HP Z Workstations, visit the HP for Autodesk website. And to find out more about the Intel Turbo Boost technology, access the Intel website.

1 -Intel® Turbo Boost technology requires a PC with a processor with Intel Turbo Boost capability. Intel Turbo Boost performance varies depending on hardware, software, and overall system configuration.

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