AUGI HotNews March 2011

AUGI HotNews March 2011


AUGI Membership Passes 200,000

If miles were AUGI members, we'd be nearing the moon. As it is, our 200,000th member joined earlier in March. Track the progression from 2002 to today.

All About AutoCAD LT - An Interview with Kate Morrical

AUGI interviews Autodesk's Kate Morrical, resident AutoCAD LT expert about the newest release


Why People Bully (and what you need to do about it)

Following up last last month's article on the types of workplace bullies that exist, this article delves into why they exist. More importantly, what do you, as a manager, need to do about it?

Sponsor Spotlight: Protecting Your Designs and Data with RAID Technology

Any loss of data can mean the difference between getting a product out the door and spending weeks rebuilding the work you’d previously done.Here's how RAID technology can help.