AUGI Membership Passes 200,000

AUGI continues to be the largest Autodesk Community on the planet.

On March 7, 2011, AUGI reached a major milestone in its 20-year history.  We welcomed our 200,000th member, Isamu Kimura. Read our intervidew with Mr. Kimura in this issue. 

Looking back on the years of growth, our records show that at the end of 2002, we had about 29,000 members. Through growth spurts and expansion, we moved to approximatley 42,000 members by January 1 of 2004; 55,000 by 2005; 73,000 by the start of 2006.

In 2006 we passed the 100,000 member mark and ended the year with more than 117,000 members. The year 2008 surged forward with our highest membership growth in a single year - we expanded by 27,000 to end the year with more than 145,000.  The following year, 2009, almost matched our massive 2008 growth and we finished out the year with more than 172,000 members. Another 25,097 joined in 2010 and we entered 2011 with 197,668 total members.

Growing at a rate of nearly 2,000 per month, we knew that we would hit the 200,000 milestone within a few months.  We tracked it closer and closer as we moved toward the beginning of March.  Then it became a waiting and watching game.  On the day of the achievement we were watching the tally change with every refresh of the tracking screen until finally 200,000 was hit.  Seconds later it was past.  As this is written we have 201,255 and it continues to climb. 

Look at it this way: If AUGI members were miles, we would be closing in on the moon, which is some 238,857 miles from earth (on average). AUGI is so thankful that members keep coming to the largest, most vibrant, information-filled community of Autodesk users there has ever been.

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