AUGI HotNews June 2010


The Annual AUGI Salary Survey

It's time to take the AUGI Annual Salary Survey and, come September, you'll see how your salary, benefits, and other related aspects stack up against those of your fellow members. But don't just wait for the results - read this from Melanie Stone and get in the game!

Document Management, in Real Life

Guest columnist Ian Lawson presents his theory on achieving an efficient document management system. AUGI members are invited to contemplate his theory - and offer up their own.

The Early Years: Going Big (2000-2001)

It's the early part of the millennium and AUGI is hitting its stride. A rapidly growing membership called for AUGI volunteers to give their all for the organization. Preparations were well underway for AU 2001. Then came September 11th.


TIPniques: AutoCAD 2011 Review Continued

TIPniques columnist Brian Benton continues a series of articles about new and enhanced features in the latest version of AutoCAD. This month, constraints are under the TIPniques microscope.

Your Workstation’s Most Valuable Tool

First in a series of articles on HP's Performance Advisor tool, a free utility that packs a diagnostic punch. Armed with this tool, you can custom configure, tune, optimize, and more.

CAD Management: Reading the Signals

It's an old question - when is the right time to upgrade? AUGI President Mark Kiker offers some signs that will help you determine when the time is right.