AUGI HotNews January 2011

AUGI HotNews January 2011


Is the CAD Classroom Obsolete?

Think that classroom training is a thing of the past? Not only is it still a viable option, but with a little upfront effort on your part and a willingness to use leading edge technology, classroom training can be better than ever.

Something Is Similar, No?

AUGI President David Harrington on what's new with the organization. A clean new website (with some familiar Forum content) and some fresh faces on the AUGI Board of Directors start 2011 off right.


Parametric Drawing in AutoCAD

In this first article in a series, Brian Benton explores the Parametric Drawing design tools in AutoCAD.Their purpose, how to use, and techniques are discussed.

CAD Management: How to Impress Your Boss

Add "impress the boss" to your list of resolutions for 2011. Here are four key areas in which you can put this into practice.

How HP Z Workstations Help Improve the AutoCAD Design Process

The HP Z Workstation family delivers the power, performance, and reliability you need - all at an affordable price.