AUGI HotNews February 2013

AUGI HotNews February 2013


Letter from the President - February 2013

In the Feburary edition of AUGI HotNews, President David Harrington looks ahead to some new developments from the AUGI Board, including AUGIWORLD,, and archive material from Autodesk University!

CAD Management: Standardize for Success!

In the A/E/C industry, standards are key! Brian Andresen shows you a few ways you can maximize your CAD efficiency by setting up procedures and parameters for everyday project use.


Tipniques: Phase Modifiers

BIM Manager Matthew Hill, from The Austin Company, offers a few tips on the best way to use Phase Modifiers to minimize startup times and customize your CAD for everyday use.

CAD Management: Develop Your Reading Skills

AUGI Executive Director Mark Kiker explores how reading - even technical reading - can enhance your day-to-day comprehension of technology and expand your view in the world of management.

2012 Surveys in Review

Melanie Stone reviews the 2012 AUGI polls and surveys, including some of the most important statistics and indicators of the year.

HP Z220 Workstations - More power, less energy, still affordable

The HP Z220 Workstation delivers high levels of power, performance, and reliability at prices that rival a standard desktop PC.

Heads Up - February 2013

AUGI brings you all the latest news on service patches and updates from Autodesk within the last month.