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AUGI HotNews February 2013 - Issue 117
Industry Spotlight: CAD Management - Standardize
for Success!

In the A/E/C industry, standards are key! Brian Andresen shows
you a few ways you can maximize your CAD efficiency by setting
up procedures and parameters for everyday project use.

Read article, CAD Management - Standardize for Success!

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February 2013 Edition
AUGIWorld February 2013 Issue
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• President's Letter
• Tipniques
• Home Page Poll
• CAD Manager
• Member Discounts
• Sponsor Spotlight
• Forum Hot Topics
• Heads Up
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• Autodesk News
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President's Letter
Letter from the President - February 2013
In the February edition of AUGI HotNews, President David Harrington looks ahead to some new developments from the AUGI Board, including AUGIWorld, AUGI.com, and archive material from Autodesk University!

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CAD Manager
CAD Management: Develop Your Reading Skills
AUGI Executive Director Mark Kiker explores how reading - even technical reading - can enhance your day-to-day comprehension of technology and expand your view in the world of management.

Sponsor Spotlight
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Forum Hot Topics
Members ask questions and get answers.
» AutoCAD: Selecting lots of objects within a drawing
» AutoCAD Civil 3D: PDF drawing import into Civil 3D
» Navisworks: File units
» Revit: Grid lines in linked Revit Models
» Revit MEP: Victaulic Fire Protection Piping
» CAD Management: How to explain Layer/XREF Management to a boss
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Autodesk News
The latest information from Autodesk.
» Autodesk Provides First Ever 3D Building Instructions for LEGO MINDSTORMS
» New App for iPad Unleashes 3D Creatures From Your Imagination Into Reality
» Amana Contracting & Steel Buildings Increases Speed to Market with Autodesk BIM Software
» Autodesk Honors Promising Filmmakers with 5th Annual Visual Effects Society Student Award
» Singapore's 200,000 Secondary School Students to Learn Autodesk Design Software
» Autodesk Completes Acquisition of Allpoint Systems Technology
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Phase Modifiers
BIM Manager Matthew Hill, from The Austin Company, offers a few tips on the best way to use Phase Modifiers to minimize startup times and customize your CAD for everyday use.

Home Page Poll
2012 Surveys in Review
2012 Surveys in Review

Melanie Perry reviews the 2012 AUGI polls and surveys, including some of the most important statistics and indicators of the year.

Member Discounts
Here are the latest discount offers exclusively for AUGI (Professional and Premier) Members:
» Books: 40-50% on O'Reilly technical Programming books
» Training: Receive 20%* off all Eagle Point Products (Training, Workflows, Support & Productivity for Civil 3D & Revit products)
» Developers: Offer of Free Standard ADN Membership for 2013 (AUGI Professional only)

Heads Up
AUGI brings you all the latest news on service patches and updates from Autodesk within the last month.
» Autodesk Inventor Products
» Autodesk Alias Products
» Autodesk Vault Products
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Articles You May Have Missed
Spotlight - General
» Myth Buster: Revit & IFC, Part 2 - The Saga Continues - Author Martijn de Riet revisits IFC handling with Revit.
» Step into the Present - Author Christopher Fugitt offers good reasons to step up to AutoCAD Civil 3D.
» Beyond Clash Detection - Author Kim Perelli describes how Navisworks can do far more than you might think.
» Helping with Hospitals - Adam Munoz describes BIM and IPD in action during hospital construction.
» Revit MEP Scheduling for Design - Todd Shackelford offers some pointers on leveraging the Revit database to increase design efficiency.
» Power for the People - Advances in design continue, but there is much more progress to make.In this article, Bill Campbell offers his...
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February 2013, No. 117