Writing the Future: Industry Influence through User Forms, Videos, Podcasts, and Articles

In the midst of a project, we often encounter mind-numbing repetitive tasks, unexpected obstacles, or the need to seek information. Where do we turn? We all have our go-to resources, such as videos, forums, and experts, yet rarely do we stop to think about the significance of the knowledge-seeking process itself. Our primary focus is on finding solutions to the challenges before us.

If you’re like me, you already have some of those resources open, ready to go at a moment's notice. We live in a time when knowledge sharing and reaching people is global. We have access to more information than once possible. Languages are easily converted, allowing typical barriers, leading to freer exchanges of information.

I attend a few webinars during a month, learning something new and hearing from industry professionals. Podcasts are easy, as you can listen to them while at your desk. Videos provide fantastic visual guidance when learning something new. Forums open up a dialog amongst your peers. A place to seek knowledge and also add to the collective.

Through written articles, a speaker for podcasts and webinars, and participating on forums and online sources, I found my voice, my community, and my peers.

Sit back and relax.

Magazines, articles, and blogs provide focused content on a specific topic, problem, idea, or solution by passionate industry professionals who love to share knowledge and experiences with others. It isn’t easy. It takes time and research to come up with something compelling for people to read. That people want to read. None of which is a bad thing. It’s fun to come up with ways to relay information and interact with unknown readers.

As readers, articles provide us with a chance to pause and immerse ourselves in what's written. In today's digital age, we have access to a wealth of content, tailored to our preferences through algorithms. This ensures that we encounter content that resonates with us. What's more, online content offers the opportunity to share and engage with others in a social manner. We can delve into discussions, connecting with a wider community to exchange ideas and perspectives.

In today's industry, printed content is becoming increasingly rare. There's a unique joy in possessing a physical copy of something you love to read. The act of leisurely flipping through pages of a printed magazine is a delightful experience. While digital formats offer unmatched convenience and accessibility, the allure of printed content lies in having something tangible to anticipate. It's akin to the feeling of holding a physical book or an e-reader, embodying the essence of a genuine reading encounter. Whether it's nostalgia or the tactile connection to words on paper, printed content bridges the gap between past and present, offering a truly enriching journey for the senses.

AUGIWORLD Magazine has been in circulation since 2002. Encouraging collaboration and communication amongst industry professionals. Still printing a monthly publication sent out to those who opt in for a physical copy. The great thing about publications like this is that you can generally gain access to archived content as well as current digitally. With 21 years worth of content, you will find hidden treasures, interviews, reviews, and so much more. Read articles by passionate industry professionals, who are just like you, your colleagues.

With so little printed publications within the AEC Industry left, it is important to support those that provide you with value. Sit down, put your feet up, and grab a copy of AUGIWORLD. If you are interested in becoming a content contributor, reach out and inquire. Share your knowledge and connect with a wide diverse group of professionals. If you are interested in receiving a physical copy, follow the link below.

The Rise of Podcasts

Ok, I know, Podcasts aren't exactly the latest trend. But what podcasts have done is create an open market for audio-based content in our industry. Think about it; imagine hosting interviews and diverse discussions that you can access whenever you want, all in a format you can listen to. You get to hear from passionate professionals talking about topics that truly excite them. They're so passionate that they're willing to be recorded while sharing their thoughts. If you're following a particular industry influencer, chances are you'll find them on multiple podcast platforms. It's like reading articles, but in an audible format that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Discussing everything from cutting-edge technologies and software updates to insightful workflow conversations and broader industry subjects, Podcasts offer versatility that knows no bounds. You can carry them along wherever you go. Their unique convenience, made possible through various accessible platforms, sets them apart from other content sources. Personally, podcasts are my ultimate companion during work hours—I find their accessibility second to none. Nothing quite matches the convenience and information-packed experience they provide.

AUGIWORLD Podcast is available on multiple platforms, consisting of interviews with diverse guests, and engaging topics. Immerse yourself in the joy of listening, as you can now experience AUGIWORLD Magazine articles in audio format, coupled with insightful conversations with dynamic industry professionals. Don't miss the chance to tune in and embark on a journey of learning, discovering, and connecting with the ever-evolving world of AUGIWORLD Podcast.

User forums, where we go with all our questions.

User forums. We have ALL been there. I have accounts on about 2 dozen different forums (no judging; I know you do too). Forums are a fantastic way to ask questions or share knowledge with like-minded individuals. Can’t figure out how to perform a specific task? Reaching out on forums connects you with colleagues across the globe. Before, you could get advice from a few people in your office if they understood what you were talking about. With forums, you are asking your community office, where everyone has the same or similar interests from around the globe.

Can’t find a solution on one of the forums you frequently asked? Locate a solution somewhere else. Be a colleague of change, post your newly acquired knowledge, and help others find solutions. Supporting multiple platforms in knowledge sharing not only helps those in need now but also those in the future. Most programs and software maintain basic functions and features, where various versions will be relevant to content shared over multiple years.

AUGIWORLD Forums is an online hub that embraces our industry. Here, you're invited to share insights and wisdom across various software and solutions. Dive into discussions about workflows and standardization, all while connecting with fellow professionals. Become part of a community that thrives on collaboration and knowledge sharing. Find new colleagues and create new connections.

What are you watching?

Videos changed the game. Everything in this article contributed, but on-demand videos, webinars, and online presentations have provided unprecedented access to information. From tutorials, walk-throughs, or topic discussions, videos provide a visually active resource of information, connecting us to personalities and faces.

Videos provide an extra personal experience to the ingestion of content. You can see the passion and expression on the faces of those you watch. Fueling your ideas and expanding your knowledge. Having a face sitting across from you, talking ‘directly’ to you, allows us to connect with content creators. In our industry, they tend to welcome comments and interaction with those who follow them.

What were you doing before you read this article? Scrolling through videos? Don’t worry; most people are going to say yes to this. Videos can be shared easily on most platforms, absorbed with little effort, and provide us with familiar personalities of people like us. Sharing things they are passionate about. Sharing things we are passionate about.

Additional Content Providers

We all have a library of resources at our disposal. Forums, podcasts, webinars, and various online hubs serve as our go-to sources for gathering knowledge and keeping up to date on topics that intrigue us. Sharing these gems with our colleagues and professional circles is like contributing to a global knowledge bank.

Exploring better methods for task execution, learning new skills, and gaining insightful perspectives is within reach for anyone with the curiosity to seek them out. When you stumble upon a gem of knowledge, it's crucial to acknowledge and pass it on. Together, our collective actions can do far more for those who curate content than they could achieve alone. It's about us, the readers, steering the flow of information.

Sharing resources doesn't just benefit individuals; it contributes to the broader community's progress. Our ability to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge adds to the collective expertise, benefiting those in our immediate circles and beyond. The convergence of minds and shared information drives us forward, refining our approaches and enhancing the quality of our work.

Recognizing the value of shared knowledge sets off a reciprocal cycle. By generously sharing and engaging with provided resources, we become part of a network built on mutual aid and support. This culture of mutual support bolsters content creators and providers, fueling their drive to continue sharing and evolving their offerings.

How Lucky Are We!

In today's digital landscape, we're privileged to access a wealth of information in various formats, facilitating swift knowledge exchange and acquisition. When you stumble upon a valuable resource, don't hesitate to share it. Passing on insights and aiding others in finding solutions drives our industry forward, consuming far less time than creating content from scratch.

We live in an era where absorbing knowledge aligns with personal preferences, offering an on-demand selection. Accessing new or archived content grants us the liberty to use multiple resources in problem-solving and connect with like-minded individuals globally. This accelerated knowledge sharing significantly propels technological advancements, and you play a pivotal role in this movement.

Platforms like AUGIWORLD, and other providers, serve as invaluable curators, satiating our constant hunger for learning and growth. They foster a supportive network, uniting passionate individuals to exchange knowledge and ideas. It's not just about uncovering solutions; it's about contributing knowledge to assist others in return. Embrace these platforms to drive your personal growth and contribute to the advancement of our industry.

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